welcome to MORDHAUS, a Petz 4 site.

this site is still under heavy construction, check back often for new stuff!!

7/19/23: alley crew is still a wip, but my main catz are on there now. the layout's done too so i can finally get to work on the other pages! also coming soon: dogz crew!! ive been kinda on & off in the pc lately, but html is oddly relaxing for me. real happy w/ how the site's turning out so far!

6/11/23: currently working on the alley cats crew page! once thts done i can base the rest of the pages off it. still a Heavy wip, so expect broken things.

5/23/23: started work on the crew page, thats like the Big Thing. to celebrate the site's opening, theres a tiny litter available over on the adoption page!! also expect some grand opening-themed stamps soon (whenever the stamp page gets real, lolz)

5/14/23: site created! technically it was my old personal site in 2017, but i made another one & didnt get that far with the old one anyway, so i repurposed it!! now MORDHAUS exists <3